Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mommie Dearesrt - Christna Crawford - The Truth Comes Out

Above: Click the photo above to read the truth about Mommie Dearest.

The book Mommie Dearest released in 1978 was a best seller and raised awareness on the life of a spoiled child growing up in the home of a larger than life movie star. The book was released a year after Joan Crawford died, Christina wanted to make sure "Mommie" couldn't defend herself against Christina's memories, which seem to start at the age of two - a rather impressive memory.

The movie Mommie Dearest came out in 1981 and many were shocked at all the scenes in the film, especially he famous "wire hanger" scene. Guess what? That never happened and Christina says so herself, actually MOST of the film was fiction. Don't take my word for it - Christina is quoted in the article above stating, " A lot of the things in the movie were fictionalized." Really? A lot!! Wow, what a terrible thing to do to someone. Portray your adopted mother, Joan Crawford, on the big screen as a monster when most of those things never actually happened.

Christina Crawford should be prosecuted for that. Shame on you Christina Crawford.


Tom Gregory said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Joan-sycophant, Christina didn't make the movie, she wrote the book. Like most biographies artistic license is used to portray visually what was captured in the book. It would have been impossible for Christina to, as you claim, "Portray your adopted mother, Joan Crawford, on the big screen as a monster" when she had no control over the movie. You have provided no evidence to support your claim that the things Christina her mother did to her "never happened". You only shared that you have all the sudden discovered what everyone else has known for decades; that the movie was a dramatization of the book. For someone who is supposedly in search of the truth, you sure are loose with the truth yourself.

Will you now go to the police station and demand that YOU be prosecuted for your lies? Wait for it.....

Houston Blonde Mom said...

So, because Crawford was a beautiful and talented movie star, she couldn't have possibly have abused her children? Is that your argument?

"Spoiled"? I bet you Christina Crawford would have chosen a middle class set of parents living modestly but with true parental love and support over that raging alcoholic, self-centered "starlet". Christina Crawford's childhood seems frightening. I am so glad she wrote the book and that it was made into a movie. I am mostly glad for the awareness it brought to child abuse. Christina had every right to tell her story - what right do you have to say otherwise?

I suspect she waited until Crawford passed away for several reasons. Christina probably was able to begin the healing process, be free of her mother's threats if she spoke up, and was no longer afraid of her. Joan crawford may have achieved much in Hollywood, all her fame, money, men, fans....but but people are what, both in this life and the hereafter, it's all about. And Crawford missed the boat, she carelessly destroyed what could have been a beautiful and mutually beneficial mother-daughter relationship. That was her biggest and saddest failure, and to me (and many others) casts a shadow on anything good she ever did.

So she has a Barbie doll created after her, her own daughter was afraid of her and watched as common strangers who happened to be fans, hired servants, and newly met leading men (often times MARRIED men) were treated like royalty by Crawford as she was treated like an emotional and physical punching bag. Real 'icon' you have here.

Why dont you put your writing talents and media reach to good use, like educating people about alcoholism and child abuse? Crawford was unable to stop the cycle of abuse, sadly. Why not help others? That should have been her platform but her ego was too big to even admit she was human.

Anonymous said...

Christina Crawford is mentally disturbed...her lifelong victimhood obsession is evidence of that...just a very dark person. Joan Crawford is deeply loved by her daughter Cathy who has defended her and won a lawsuit against Cristina for defamation . Even in her 70s Christina is peddling Joan with nude home movie photos and one woman horror shows. She is a sick person and it says a lot about the US public that they have given her so much attention (and money) when she has done NOTHING with her dark life. Joan Crawdord was a giver not a taker and worked hard all her life and was a good person who gave so much to so many.